Eight multiple-choice questions.

You’ve probably answered eight multiple-choice questions before. In school, on a customer survey, maybe even while reading Cosmo. It’s OK, you can admit it.

But you wouldn’t expect eight little questions to be particularly helpful. Powerful, even.

You certainly don’t expect them to be the key to discovering what’s important to your new boss. To help you immediately understand what drives him.

Pretty helpful information, yes? Especially considering that what drives him might not be the same as what drives you.

And if answering those eight quick questions could result in a succinct list of his key strengths? Or offer insight as to  how he judges others – including you? And what behaviors to expect him to display when he’s under stress?

Imagine knowing what fears drive him. Heck, he might not even know that.

But The People Profiler knows. And it’ll tell you.

How The People Profiler Does It

Those eight questions? You answer them, based on what you’ve observed about a person when they speak, as they listen, when they question things, how they act in conversation, and how they respond to people and events. That’s it.

And from there, the information flows: how to successfully approach this person, how to communicate in a manner they’ll appreciate, what to avoid so you don’t annoy them, specific words and phrases that resonate with them, how to respond to their concerns, how to gain their commitment, and more.

Pretty useful stuff.

The 60 seconds I mentioned above? That’s how long it took me to read the results about my new boss. Before I even started the job. Time very well spent.