Once you’ve known someone for a while – a friend, a spouse, a co-worker – you learn their “language”. Basically, their preferred communication style.

You know that rushing your girlfriend to respond quickly during a discussion is a bad move. She needs time to think.

Talking slowly and providing a lot of detail to a particular co-worker will either annoy or bore her. Perhaps both.

Maybe you figured out that telling your boss “I tried!” when explaining why something is incomplete is a bad way to go. He’s all about results.

Useful information, all of it.

But how long did it take you to get it?

How many missteps did you take on your way to that knowledge?

And what entertaining & embarrassing moments did you experience during that gap?

Different communication approaches work with different people, we all know that.

The trick is matching them up properly. Which The People Profiler does effectively, based upon what you’ve observed about a person when they speak, as they listen, when they question, how they act in conversation, and how they respond to people and events.

If you’re preparing to interact with a person who values independence and accuracy, should you use the phrase “I think” in conversation, or do you think “I believe” would bring better results?

You don’t know? That’s okay – I didn’t know, either.

But The People Profiler does.