Did you know that the difference between winning a deal and losing a deal comes down to one thing?


Specifically, knowledge about what makes people tick.

As a Sales Professional, you need to know yourself first and then know your clients. And now you can because of The People Profiler.  You can increase your performance just by understanding how your clients perceive you, and then adapting your selling style to match what they feel most comfortable with.

Bad Sales Experiences

To bring this point home, think of one or two instances when you were buying something. Did you ever walk away with any of these thoughts?

  • Wow, that salesperson was really pushy.
  • She was nice, but she didn’t really listen to what I was saying. She just kept going on and on.
  • He was really excited about the product, but his claims weren’t believable. I don’’t trust him.
  • My head is spinning from all the details. I wish he could have just netted it out.

These are examples of sales professionals who didn’t adapt their selling style to match your personal style.

Your selling style comes through in every sales interaction whether successful or not.

What’s My Selling Style?

The People Profiler will provide you with knowledge about yourself and your clients that you can use to customize your selling style to match theirs. You’ll better understand who wants lots of facts and details and who wants to quickly hear the bottom line.  Or who wants to get right down to business and who wants some personal conversation before diving into the deal.

If you have customers you have been less than successful with, it’s likely that they have a style different from your own.  By using The People Profiler, you’ll quickly learn how to tailor your style to work more effectively with them.

Oh, and don’t think that this is only for selling. Consider all the people you work with. Do you think you might have smoother relationships if you could adapt your style to theirs? And then there’s your family. Yes,… it works with your relatives too.

Try profiling someone right now and see how easy it is!