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Master That Sales Call

All things being equal, people want to do business with a friend.

All things being not quite equal, people STILL want to do business with a friend.

Jeffery Gitomer wrote that in his best seller, Little Black Book of Connections, and it’s true. People want to buy from people they like.

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Resolve Concerns Like a Pro

When Sam walked into his boss’ office for his annual review he was pumped.

He knew he had aced his job over the past few months and he expected a high rating and a serious pay raise.

An hour later he was totally deflated. His boss had spent the whole time going over his assignments in excruciating detail and pointing out every little thing that could have been better.

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Perfect Your Presentations

A few months ago we were working with a group who had the daunting task of presenting to the 15 person executive leadership team in hopes of gaining approval for an expensive new project.

The team knew it was critical to address the executives’ questions and concerns, so that meant they needed to really know this audience. Who would want an overview? Who would want the details? Should the pace of the presentation be fast or slow? ¬†Which members would pepper them with questions? Who should they answer in stream vs. off line?
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How to Get On Someone’s Good Side

If you want someone to like you then applying the Golden Rule is a good start.

What do I mean by that? Well, if you make other people feel good about themselves, they will like you and seek opportunities to see you again to repeat the good feeling they felt the first time.

The mistake most of us make when we are meeting someone is that we’re focused on ourselves and not on the other person. We put our needs before their needs. The irony is that if they like you, other people are happy to help you get what you want.

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Close More Deals, Win More Approvals

Did you know that the difference between winning a deal and losing a deal comes down to one thing?


Specifically, knowledge about what makes people tick.

As a Sales Professional, you need to know yourself first and then know your clients. And now you can because of The People Profiler.  You can increase your performance just by understanding how your clients perceive you, and then adapting your selling style to match what they feel most comfortable with.

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How To Accelerate Team Work

You’re anxious. It’s Monday morning, your first day in the new job.

Your old boss went out on a limb for you by recommending you for the promotion to Team Leader of the Sales Support team. The reputation of this team is less than stellar and it’s your job to turn it around.

The anxiety comes from not really knowing the team members, so you don’t yet know what to expect. If you had some insight into each of them, you’d have a leg up on how to deal with the players individually, and together as a team.

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